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FourCore ATTACK proactively tests your cyber defenses by emulating real-world threats and improve them with actionable insights in real-time.

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Why FourCore for Adversary Emulation?

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Organizations Validated
Threats Emulated
Improvement in Threat Detection

FourCore ATTACK is a Comprehensive
Adversary Emulation Platform


Adversary Emulation

Realistic threat emulations give you the information and IoCs to identify the true risk in your environment.

MITRE ATT&CK® Coverage

Test and validate thousands of procedures for more than 300+ MITRE ATT&CK® Techniques.

Multi-Domain Testing

Comprehensive validation of the defense surface across endpoint, network, email and web security solutions.

Automatic Correlation

Correlate alerts in your security solutions to emulated threats automatically with API Integrations.

In-Depth Evidence

Gather real evidence (IoCs, Outputs, Logs) to verify if cyber defenses were able to observe, detect and prevent threats.

Actionable Insights

Improve your defenses with knowledgebases, detection rules and actionable recommendations.


Yes, FourCore integrates

FourCore ATTACK enables bi-directional sharing and enrichment of emulated threats across the enterprise security ecosystem to reduce risk, improve efficiency and enable an open cybersecurity ecosystem.

Hear What Our Customers Say
  • 1 hour

    Validated hundreds of TTPs

    It was easy for us to start with the FourCore ATTACK platform and automate adversary simulation in minutes. FourCore ATTACK offered a complete breach assessment, and we uncovered various security misconfigurations on protected endpoints.
    Nitin SLead - Solution Design, SecureInteli
  • 27

    Exposures discovered in just 3 hours

    We used FourCore ATTACK once and found a serious security issue that had been around in our infrastructure for a long time. This helped us fix it quickly in our endpoints and optimize our email solutions without wasting any resources.
    Security HeadRenewable Energy Leader in India
  • 600+

    TTP Simulations With FourCore ATTACK

    FourCore ATTACK adversary simulations helps us to effectively showcase our SOC detection capabilities, test incident response procedures and also enhance the rules that we define for our customers. Our turnaround time for testing has greatly improved by using FourCore.
    Kalpesh SurjianiCo-Founder, Head MSSP & GRC, CyberNX
  • 50%

    SOC KPI Optimization

    FourCore ATTACK has been a valuable tool for our SOC team. We have been training our analysts and trainees with FourCore ATTACK. It has helped us identify areas where our team needed improvement in defending against real-world attacks.
    Sachin AnandSOC Manager - Plus971 Cybersecurity

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