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Security Controls

FourCore's Security Control Validation platform helps you build metrics that actually represent the effectiveness of your security investments.

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Security Control Validation

Validate your security controls with real-world adversary emulation and improve detection and response by upto 40% in weeks.

Uncover Security Gaps with Adversary Emulation

Simulate sophisticated threats and complex TTPs across phishing to ransomware.

Prioritize Remediations

Focus on your exposure to the most imminent threats and optimize your security investments for the best detection and response.

Validate Everyday

Continously validate your security controls with Automated Breach and Attack Simulation.

Security Control Validation Platform

Identify the efficacy of your security implementation, make data-driven decisions to mitigate risk and strengthen your detection and response capability from the attackers perspective.

Maximize your security posture with comprehensive testing using an expansive attack library, including over 500 techniques and procedures across all security controls, from email filters to DLP systems. As a result, you get a holistic understanding of potential impacts, enhancing your overall security posture and safeguarding against potential threats.

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Sachin Anand

"FourCore ATTACK has been a valuable tool for our SOC team. We have been training our analysts and trainees with FourCore ATTACK. It has helped us identify areas where our team needed improvement in defending against real-world attacks."

Sachin Anand

SOC Manager - Plus971 Cybersecurity


TTP Simulations With FourCore ATTACK

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