Customer Success Story: Defense Contractor in The Middle East Improves Detection and Response

Written by Aarush Ahuja
Co-founder @ FourCore

Organizations utilize different security solutions to defend themselves including EDR, SIEM, Firewalls, Antivirus and more! Even after investing in these solutions there can be misconfigurations and gaps in the organizations. Thus there's a need to be proactive and maximize the effectiveness of existing solutions.

FourCore worked with a Defense Contractor in the Middle East who wanted to validate and optimize their security controls.

Defense Contractor in Middle East

It is a subsidiary of a leading defense sector conglomerate in the Middle East that operates in the defense and military contracting space. The security team utilizes the most modern cybersecurity solutions to protect its core network and infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive IP.

Cyber Defense Challenges

The client had a significant number of endpoints deployed within their infrastructure, segmented into different environments and managed by different teams. They are running an on-premise EDR and wanted deeper insights into the security controls’ efficacy against modern threats.

The security team needed help in effectively building threat coverage against the latest emerging threats targeting the defence sector, including examples like APT39 and APT35.

Adversary Emulation

FourCore ATTACK’s advanced adversary emulation capabilities helped the customer assess security controls, configurations, and asset policies deployed in the environment. Upon inspection, one critical vulnerability was uncovered: the platform uncovered a vulnerability in their system that could be exploited with a vulnerable driver attack.

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