Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)?

It is what it says on the packaging. It is a platform designed to perform complex attack scenarios like malware or attacker (but without damaging the systems!). BAS solutions let you test the effectiveness of security controls. Without any need for extensive cybersecurity knowledge and expertise.

Is this an Antivirus?

No, FourCore ATTACK is not an Antivirus. We are a breach and attack simulation platform to help identify the gaps in your infrastructure with attack simulations in a continuous and automated manner.

Is FourCore ATTACK available as a SaaS and on-premises?

Yes, FourCore ATTACK is available as a SaaS platform hosted on the AWS cloud. Get in touch to discuss on-premise solutions.

What security controls can FourCore ATTACK evaluate?

FourCore ATTACK can evalute controls across the attack surface. You can perform simulations on your endpoints protected by EDRs and EPP solutions. Evaluate the efficacy of SIEM rules. Find out if your firewalls can detect and prevent malicious payloads in the network. Test if your phishing solutions can prevent malicious emails.

Can FourCore ATTACK perform ransomware attack simulations?

Yes, FourCore ATTACK can perform ransomware attack simulations on your endpoints, simulating the behaviour of an actual ransomware safely.

Are attack simulations with FourCore ATTACK safe?

Attack simulations performed with FourCore ATTACK are safe and do not cause any disruption or destruction of the target systems.

Is FourCore ATTACK a service offering?

No, FourCore ATTACK is a SaaS platform from FourCore. We offer a subscription of the FourCore ATTACK SaaS Platform to help you improve the security posture of your organization.