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Stay battle-ready against the latest ransomware threats in the wild

Ransomware variants are on the rise, particularly against governments and hospitals. Given the 2020 U.S. presidential election attacks and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, how well does your security posture fare against these modern advanced ransomware variants?

FourCore ATTACK's Ransomware Assessment aids organizations in detecting and defending against ever-changing ransomware variants to help security teams prepare against these imminent threats.

The Ransomware Assessment module includes the latest techniques and attack vectors used by the ransomware threat actors today. The assessments are aligned with MITRE ATT&CK and derived from several different ransomware families and the kill chains that lead to them. The covered ransomware families are HermeticWiper, Nemty Ransomware, Conti Ransomware, Ryuk Ransomware, Lock bit Ransomware and more.

FourCore ATTACK can be your critical partner to combat evolved ransomware threats, helping to forge a more hardened security posture based on data-driven insights.