Assess your email security solutions against different types of malicious payloads and behaviours

Ransomware operators exploit Excel documents in email campaigns to compromise enterprise networks from the outside.

Email is the most exploited entry point for attackers to infiltrate the organization by utilizing malicious attachments, links and more. Securing email requires an assessment of both the technology and the users. Improving the human link can significantly decrease the chances of a compromise. But threat actors today are sophisticated; It becomes essential to assess technology such as email security controls (Secure Email Gateways, Email Filters).

Some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Can threat actors infiltrate your email? Which malicious file types and attachments are deliverable to your users?
  • Can you block email-borne threats? Do you have the infrastructure to extend detection and response to such emails?
  • How effective are your email security solutions at detecting and preventing variations of email-based attacks and payloads? For example, can they prevent spoofing attacks, impersonation, malicious links, and zero-day payloads?

The Email Security Assessment Vector is a solution to test email defences against real-world threat actor techniques and optimize your email security posture. Perform hundreds of email-borne attacks just like an attacker and gain visibility into the effectiveness of your Email Security Controls.

It is an agentless solution to assess the effectiveness of security controls. It works by enabling automatic email forwarding on the target email to determine if malicious emails were able to bypass email security controls and delivered to the inbox. Assess ransomware campaigns, advanced malicious payloads, file type assessment and more.