Continuous Security Validation for the Digital Health
Industry Use Case: Healthcare

Healthcare is uniquely vulnerable to cyberattacks, due to the valuable patient data stored on its systems. Studies show that cybercriminals are targeting healthcare organizations more so than ever before; in fact, a staggering 87% of healthcare entities have reported a breach over the past two years alone. Why is this number so high? Simply put, security controls can (and do) fail continuously and silently, thereby providing malicious actors with an opportunity to take advantage.

Healthcare organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime due to aging legacy systems, a lack of cybersecurity hygiene, staff shortages, and the presence of shadow IT. Medical devices that may lack proper security protocols present an additional risk. Unfortunately, ransomware attacks on these organizations have become all too common in recent years, with estimated costs reaching up to $31 billion in 2022 alone. It's critical that organizations take the necessary steps to protect themselves against such threats.

Digital transformation has caused organizations to increase their attack surface, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches from more sophisticated adversaries. FourCore ATTACK offers unmatched visibility into how your organization is responding and provides solutions for how you can better secure your critical systems, services, and data. With us, whether you're on-premise, in the cloud, or anywhere else in between - we'll help you take control.

How can FourCore ATTACK help?

FourCore ATTACK help healthcare organizations protect their digital data from malicious attackers. We use the same tools and techniques commonly employed by attackers to detect vulnerabilities in a system and examine the attack chain that led to exploitation. Our platform doesn't just pinpoint weak points - we also offer graphical evidence of how an attack worked, indicators of compromise, sigma rules, and actionable next steps to bolster your defence. We even prioritize based on establishing criticalities so you can allocate resources effectively. Plus, you can leverage our platform to ensure fixes hold up; rerun operations anytime to ensure your security posture remains intact.

FourCore ATTACK provides continuous security validation through breach and attack simulation (BAS). Our platform enables organizations to perform detailed simulations covering their entire security stack. With FourCore ATTACK, users can create simulated breach scenarios based on the cyber kill chain, automate remediation steps, and maximize their cyber resiliency to:

Uncovering undetected threats through automated testing

Run advanced, multi-step attack simulations that include sending and opening emails, detonating payloads and triggering simulator alarms to see how your system reacts at each step.

Anticipate the attackers’ moves

Use the widest range of attack scenarios to check your security, find weaknesses, and keep track of the bad actors who target healthcare. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and keeping track of the latest threats, organizations can stay one step ahead of attackers and minimize the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Assess Your Vulnerability to Socially Engineered Threats

Simulate phishing attacks used by malicious actors to test the effectiveness of security controls and identify potential vulnerabilities and possible attacker routes. By simulating these attacks, organizations can train their employees to recognize and avoid phishing attempts, while also identifying potential weaknesses in their security controls that may need to be addressed.

Minimizing Cyberrisk in Mergers and Acquisitions.

For organizations involved in M&A activity this year, leveraging the FourCore ATTACK Platform can aid in assessing the cybersecurity measures of prospective companies. By conducting such an analysis, you can evaluate the level of cyberrisk associated with onboarding the new organization and identify areas for improvement before the deal is finalized. Additionally, conducting iterative simulations of potential attacks during each phase of the onboarding process can help uncover gaps that may result from the consolidation of IT infrastructures, as well as any disparities in processes and proficiencies between the merging organizations' blue teams.

Risk Management that boosts the Health of your Infrastructure

To effectively manage cyber risk, it is crucial to commit to a long-term strategy that can adapt to the evolving tactics of adversaries. A holistic approach to risk management includes utilizing the FourCore ATTACK Platform, which can assist you and your stakeholders in making informed decisions based on data and threat assessments to protect your healthcare or public health organization. The FourCore ATTACK Platform is dedicated to continually improving its industry-leading Security Validation platform while also educating the security community with threat-informed defense mechanisms.

FourCore ATTACK Adversary Emulation Platform