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Organizations utilize 10s of different security solutions to defend themselves including EDR, SIEM, Firewalls, Antivirus and more! Even after investing in these solutions there can be misconfigurations and gaps in the organizations. Thus there's a need to be proactive and maximize the effectiveness of existing solutions.

FourCore worked with a Financial Services Firm who had a recent incident and wanted to validate and optimize their security controls.

Spoilers: They were able to, with FourCore ATTACK!

Financial Services Firm

The organization processess millions of financial documents per month and has a homogenous IT and cyber security team employing the latest cyber security technologies.

The organization employ over 500 people and protects a variety of devices including Servers (Windows and Linux), WFH Laptops and Workstations. They were able to validate and maximize the effectiveness of their EDR and SIEM solutions with FourCore ATTACk in the span of just two weeks!

Automated Security Validation

FourCore ATTACK automated simulation of real-world threats which went undetected by the EDR Solution deployed by the organization. With the automated assessment, they identified a misconfiguration in their EDR solution.

The customer simulated the latest vulnerabilities and identify vulnerable systems. The PwnKit vulnerability (CVE-2021-4034) was disclosed publicly during the course of the engagement. FourCore delivered simulations of the PwnKit vulnerability in 24 hours of its disclosure. The customer was able to visualize the impact that an attacker exploiting the PwnKit vulnerability could have on a vulnerable system and quickly mitigated it.

Improve threat visibility and optimized security coverage

Over 43% of the attacks went undetected and 80% of the endpoints were vulnerable as part of the assessment.

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Free Endpoint Security Assessment

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