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Customer Success Story: Renewable Energy

FourCore worked with a Renewable Energy organization to validate and optimize their security controls.

50% improvement in Detection and Response across Endpoint, Email and Network Security.

Customer Profile

Leading Renewable Energy Organisation optimised security controls to mitigate major security misconfiguration in under two days with FourCore ATTACK.

Heterogenous IT and Cyber Security Team employing the latest cyber security technologies to safeguard critical energy infrastructure, IT and OT Networks.

  • 200 Employees
  • Assessment in 1 Week
  • Controls Validated: EDR, ZTNA, Email Gateway


Despite conducting regular penetration testing, the security team was uncertain about the effectiveness of the network, email, and endpoint security technologies. Their goal was to validate effectiveness of deployed security controls.


Critical Security Misconfiguration

The customer identified a misconfiguration in their EDR deployment, allowing attackers to perform various malicious actions through Powershell and CMD. Reconfiguring the EDR and hardening the system prevented all such command-line and script-based attacks.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

FourCore ATTACK simulated multiple real-world attacks undetected by the industry-leading EDR, ZTNA and Email Security solutions deployed in the customer environment.

Actionable Mitigations

Detailed reports with actionable mitigation recommendations eg. IoCs and Sigma Rules were delivered to the customer for a quick and targeted remeditation.

Hear it from them!

We used FourCore ATTACK once and found a severe security issue that had been around in our infrastructure for a long time. This helped us fix it quickly in our endpoint solution and optimise our email solution without wasting resources.

  • Head of Security, Renewnable Energy Firm